Missouri Paint Demonstrations Showcase Recycled Paint Quality, Sustainability

The Missouri Product Stewardship Council (MO PSC) and the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) added new sites to their series of recycled paint demonstrations throughout Missouri. The demonstration series, “Recycled Paint: Better for Your Pocket and the Planet,” will now feature a set of historic buildings in Ash Grove and the Missouri State Parks Central Warehouse at Lake of the Ozarks. Painting kicked off in Ash Grove on Friday, April 22, and will begin at the State Parks Warehouse in May. 

“These demonstrations showcase the high quality, low cost, and sustainability of recycled paint,” said Scott Cassel, CEO and founder of PSI. “We’re excited to be partnering with the Missouri Product Stewardship Council and two of North America’s most experienced recycled paint manufacturers to help people recognize the value of recycled paint while also reducing paint waste.” 

The paint being used at each site was donated by recycled paint manufacturers GDB International and Amazon Paint. The recycled paint demonstrations aim to inspire support for product stewardship for paint in Missouri. Product stewardship is a policy that holds companies responsible for the full life cycle of products they put onto the market, including funding for the collection and recycling of unused paint. 

“Paint is one of the most expensive products for local household hazardous waste programs to manage, said Lisa McDaniel of the Mid-America Regional Council Solid Waste Management District, one of the demonstration project partners along with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. “Paint stewardship has the potential to relieve local governments and taxpayers of that financial burden while also supporting a vibrant recycling system.” 

“Giving our historic buildings a much-needed facelift with recycled paint will honor our town’s heritage,” said Melissa Mau, city clerk for Ash Grove, “while also demonstrating that leftover paint can be transformed into new recycled paint that is comparable to virgin paint.” 

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