Recycled Paint: Better for Your Pocket and the Planet

What are the benefits of recycled paint?
✅ Low cost
✅ High quality
✅ More sustainable

“Paint is one of the most expensive products for local household hazardous waste programs to manage. Paint stewardship has the potential to relieve local governments and taxpayers of that financial burden while also supporting a vibrant recycling system.”

—Lisa McDaniel, Mid-America Regional Council Solid Waste Management District, project partner

Missouri Recycled Paint Demonstrations
In Missouri, approximately 1.3 million gallons of leftover paint are disposed of each year — when they could be recycled. That’s enough to paint 52,000 two-story houses! The Missouri Product Stewardship Council (MO PSC) and the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) launched this series of recycled paint demonstrations to inspire support for product stewardship for paint in the state.

In Missouri, a new bill (HB 2852) sponsored by Representative Jamie Burger (R-148) and supported by the American Coatings Association, could bring paint stewardship to the state. If passed, Missouri would benefit from savings of more than $12 million.

Product stewardship works to hold companies responsible for the full life cycle of products they put onto the market, helps fund sustainable recycling infrastructure, and minimizes the negative environmental and health impacts of consumer products.

The first paint stewardship program began in Oregon in 2010 and expanded to 10 states and the District of Columbia. Since then, PaintCare, the industry nonprofit that manages the programs, has:

Collected more than 51 million gallons of leftover paint from all participating states;
Reused or recycled over 72% of all latex paint collected;
Relieved local governments and taxpayers of nearly $300 million in avoided paint transportation and processing costs;
Created over 200 new jobs; and
Established more than 2,000 collection sites, over 75% of which are retail locations, providing greater convenience to residents and decreasing the burden on local governments.

Click here to learn more about product stewardship for paint in Missouri. You can also contact Brendan Adamczyk, associate for policy and programs at PSI, at or 617-904-4434.

“Giving our historic buildings a much-needed facelift with recycled paint honors our town’s heritage while also demonstrating that leftover paint can be transformed into new recycled paint that is comparable to virgin paint .”

—Melissa Mau, Ash Grove City Clerk

“We appreciate [PSI and recycled paint manufacturers’] support of Missouri State Parks. Most of the warehouse buildings were in need of painting, so we took this opportunity to accomplish that task as well as test the paint for future projects. The buildings received a much-needed upgrade and look great!”

 —David Kelly, Director of Missouri State Parks

Recycled paint in action
These Missouri sites showcase how recycled paint can transform the spaces where we work, live, and explore:

Ashland City Hall
Ashland Police Station
Ash Grove historic buildings
Lake of the Ozarks Missouri State Parks Warehouse
Springfield Discovery Center Science Museum
Springfield Sprouts Discovery Preschool
Russellville Community Center

The recycled paint used to decorate each site was donated by GDB International and Amazon Paint.

“I was very impressed with how well the recycled paint covered in comparison to virgin paint. Our community members will be pleased with the high-quality paint job in our updated community space.”

—Dana Frisby, West Ward Alderman for the City of Russellville

“This project helped transform our space and make it more inviting for our many visitors. We’re thrilled to not only refresh our preschool and lobby, but also to be able to put into action our dedication to environmental sustainability.”

—Tyler Moles, Director of Development at the Discovery Center

Manufacturer spotlight
The paint for these demonstrations was donated by two of North America’s most experienced recycled paint manufacturers, both of which are also founding members of the International Paint Recycling Association.

GDB International

To explore GDB International’s recycled paint, visit

Amazon Paint

For more on Amazon Paint’s products, visit

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